We answer some of your questions about maritime training at PNTC Colleges here.

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  • Do you offer training in ____?/What courses does PNTC Colleges – MTC offer?
  • Do you have discounts and promos?
    • We will announce special promos on our online channels.

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  • Can you reserve a slot for me?
    • Practical assessments are on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved.
    • Training courses may be reserved with or without fee:
      • WITHOUT FEE. Slots in any training course may be reserved only until three (3) days before the start of training duration.
      • WITH FEE. To secure a slot until the starting date of the training class, a down payment of PHP 500.00 per training course (credited to your tuition; non-refundable) must be paid through the PNTC Cashier or through bank deposit to an authorized bank account. The down payment fee of PHP 500.00 will be forfeited if the trainee is unable to enroll the training course by 9:00AM of the first day of training class, and the slot will be offered to walk-in enrolees.
    • For reservations, you may either
      • personally visit the Training Registration Office in Intramuros, Manila
      • call our Training Registration Office at the following numbers:
        • Landline: (02) 8 526 2068 loc 117 or (02) 8 526 2207
        • Mobile: 0922 876 5704 (SUN)
  • Can I register online?
    • Online registration is not yet supported by our website. To register, please personally visit our Training Registration Office in Intramuros, Manila.
  • What do I need to bring to register?
      • one (1) photocopy of one (1) valid ID
      • Seafarer’s Registration Number (SRN) (More Info)
      • partial (at least 30% of the total) or full payment of the training fee
      • one (1) photocopy of BT COP/training certificate (EXCEPT for BT FULL and BT Refresher)
      • For PFRB
        • one (1) photocopy of PSCRB Certificate of Proficiency (COP)/training certificate
      • For MECA
        • one (1) photocopy of MEFA COP/training certificate
      • For BT Refresher
        • one (1) photocopy of BT COP
      • For PFRB Refresher
        • one (1) photocopy of PFRB COP
      • For ATFF Refresher
        • one (1) photocopy of ATFF COP
      • For PSCRB Refresher
        • one (1) photocopy of PSCRB COP
      • For ATOT/ATCT
        • one (1) photocopy of BTOC COP/training certificate
      • For ATLG
        • one (1) photocopy of BTLG COP/training certificate
      • For ECDIS
        • one (1) photocopy of RNRPUA training certificate
      • For SSBT
        • one (1) photocopy of OLC-NW training certificate
        • at least six (6) months of sea service
      • one (1) photocopy of BT COP OR training certificate
      • deposit slip
      • For those who completed online evaluation: Application Number from MARINA MISMO
      • For those who wish to upload their documents with our assistance: Please visit this page for specific requirements

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  • Can I train at your branches in Dasmariñas/Quezon City/Tanza?
    • No. Maritime training is conducted, for the most part, in Intramuros, Manila. Our branches in Dasmariñas City and Quezon City are for our SHS and undergraduate programs only. Meanwhile, our Tanza Training Facility is exclusively used for practicum activities.
  • I couldn’t attend one of my classes. Can I make up for the class I missed?
    • For makeup classes, please report to our Training Department to set a schedule. For more information, you may call (02) 8 526 2068 loc 112.
  • I registered in a training course, but I can’t attend my classes on the dates I originally signed up for. Can I reschedule my training? 
    • To reschedule your training, please visit our Training Registration Office upon your availability.

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  • I can’t personally claim my training certificate. Can somebody else claim it for me?
    • Yes. Please provide your representative with your authorization letter and training receipt showing that the course has been fully paid.
  • I lost my training certificate. Can I request another copy? 
    • Certificates that were issued within five (5) years may be reprinted. To request another training certificate, please present an Affidavit of Loss to our Releasing Office and prepare Php 500 as reprinting fee. Please note that training certificates that have been upgraded to COPs will no longer be reprinted. For additional information, you may call our Releasing Office at (02) 8 526 2068 loc 109.
  • Where can I get my True Copy of Training Completion and Records of Assessment (TCROA)?
    • You may request a hard copy of your TCROA from our COP Office in Intramuros, Manila. Please prepare one (1) copy of your training certificate and Php 50 processing fee. The hard copy is no longer needed for training courses completed SEP 2019 onwards.
    • Soft copies of the TCROA are regularly submitted to MARINA through the MISMO System. To follow up, you may call our Training Registration Office at (02) 8 526 2068 loc 104 or (02) 8 526 2207.
  • Can you process my Certificate of Proficiency (COP) for me? 
    • Beginning December 2018, COP processing via training centers is no longer available. Seafarers must now directly transact with MARINA through the MISMO System.
  • I lost my COP, which was processed by PNTC Colleges for me. Can I request for a replacement from PNTC Colleges?
    • COP replacement must be requested directly from MARINA by the holder.
  • When can I claim my certificate?
    • Training certificate: next working day after completion
    • Certificate of Assessment: next working day after completion
    • Enrollment Report: within minutes after request
    • TCROA: within minutes after request

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  • My question is not on this page. How can I ask for more information?
    • For concerns about our maritime training, you may contact us through the following channels: