MV Aman Sinaya Vessel Specifications

The acquisition of our own training vessel, the MV Aman Sinaya, fully cements our position as one of the best and most complete Maritime Schools in the Philippines. The advantage of having a dedicated training vessel allows our students to serve their sea-going laboratory and MV Aman Sinaya duly meets the specifications needed by a training vessel for a Structured Shipboard Training.

In compliance to STCW Convention and in reference to CMO No. 2 Series of 2012, we have developed our own Structured Shipboard Training Program, which aims to provide our students the needed competencies and skills to fulfil the requirements of the practicum. Our program is grouped as follows:

Level 1 – Enhancement Training Prior to Embarkation

Level 2 – Leadership Skills Enhancement

Level 3 – On-Board Duty Watch

The Shipboard Training Program is one of the most difficult components to complete and serves as a hindrance not only to the graduation of maritime students, but also to employment opportunities. Our own Training Program and Training Vessel will pave way for more opportunities as they move onward in their personal development and careers.