In this era of globalization and high technological advancement, PNTC Colleges anchors itself on the tenets of excellence, employability, and social responsibility. These best describe training courses that find their way in the fulfillment of its mission to be a leading Maritime Education and Training (MET) provider armed with an exceptional and innovative technology, avant-garde and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, competent and highly qualified faculty and instructors, and supportive and responsible management leadership. All these are focused towards the PNTC Colleges’ trust in an effective educational system wherein the trainees are encouraged and empowered to reach their highest potentials in the pursuit of knowledge for their personal achievement and intellectual growth.

PNTC Colleges carefully and deliberately fulfills its social responsibility through the exercise of humane consideration of the plight of the economically average and below-average Filipino families. Its relatively low-cost fees and the promise of world-class orientation and training speak of the institution’s priority on excellent service rather than profit.

PNTC Colleges visualizes that in the future, it will eventually steer the flagship to the forefront of maritime training. With this conscious foresight, upheld by the admirable commitment of its stakeholders, this vision will soon be realized.


PNTC Colleges has undergone several name changes. It started as Philippine Nautical Training Institute (PNTI) and then became Philippine Nautical and Technological Colleges. Its latest amendment, the change to simply PNTC Colleges, aims to respect the name it had already established but at the same time, embraces a new era for the school that now offers maritime and business courses.

It is often misinterpreted that the “PNTC” in PNTC Colleges is an abbreviation of its previous name as Philippine Nautical and Technological Colleges. However, the letters do not signify anything anymore. It is simply PNTC Colleges.


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