1 SEP 2018—PNTC Colleges now accepts applications for the Structured Shipboard Training Program (SSTP) aboard MV Aman Sinaya, its own training vessel, set to sail later this year.

While preference is given to PNTCians, registration is open to all BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering students who wish to complete their internship onboard a passenger vessel.

Enrolling in the SSTP ensures that cadets finish their required seagoing service on time and in a structured manner. Interested students may visit the Shipboard Training Office or contact (02) 526 2068 loc 106 for more information about the program.

The training vessel’s official name, MV Aman Sinaya, was first unveiled during the 13th Ringhop Ceremony held on April 2017. The name takes inspiration from the pre-colonial goddess of the sea, Aman Sinaya, who was among the deities responsible for creation in Tagalog myths. Click here to read more about MV Aman Sinaya.