16 JAN 2019—PNTC Colleges – Maritime Training Center (MTC) will begin testing security tags on selected training certificates this month as part of its efforts to strengthen measures against counterfeit certificates.

Each security tag, provided by third-party technology company Secur-A-Print, Inc., contains a Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) that is unique to the training certificate that bears it. The authenticity of SEK-tagged training certificates can then be verified through the training center’s Training Certificate Authentication Service website.

Training certificates of the Management Level Course (MLC) for Deck and Engine issued from 14 January 2019 (Monday) onwards will be the first to be tagged with SEKs. Should this project prove effective, all future training certificates are expected to be secured and verified in this manner. Please note that certificates issued before January 2019 do not need to be returned for tagging.