PNTC Colleges considers itself as an active corporate citizen. We commit ourselves into public service which testifies to our corporate mission, vision and values. Among the causes we support are Education, Community Wellness & Poverty Alleviation, Environment Preservation, and Rural Development.

Specifically, we aim to promote the development of various rural areas in the country. Most of the projects done by various organizations (government or non-government) are geared towards industrial and agricultural developments. Thus, other social services such as education, health, poverty alleviation and environment are neglected. There is a need to promote the community wellness, which is evidently failing for the past years, and there should be a bigger fight to eradicate the problems in the future.

Focusing on the other needs is very vital, for they are the building blocks of the lives of many Filipinos who live in the rural areas. We are equally entitled to the rights regardless of our ethnical and geographical differences.

Though our designed actions are very limited in scope, what inspires us to pursue the cause is to encourage other organizations especially the government agencies to do the same. In pursuit of our commitment, we have arranged specific programs to promote the three areas which include community for health and poverty alleviation, children for education, and the environment. Our main action is to engage our students and employees in the conduct of the programs. Our program geared towards community wellness is BidaHero. BidaHero promotes heroism among our people and makes our students realize that each and every one of them has a hero inside. And that hero inside them can help lessen the many unresolved issues and problems of the rural areas in our country in their own simple ways.

Our program for the youth education is BidaSpark. Like a spark, literacy is the first step towards freedom. Literacy is the way to education, which is the key to success. And as the spark, this will help the youth set their minds ablaze, and create a lasting hunger for knowledge.

And lastly, our program for the environment is BidaSavior. This shall aim to save the environment from the different risks it faces due to the action of men. This includes deforestation and illegal logging. And as saviors of the environment, let us reduce those who continuously damage and ruin the remaining natural resources and help conserve life in the future.


PNTC Colleges commits itself to:

Promote Community Wellness, Nurture Children’s Future and Take Care of the Environment


BidaSpark (Programs for Education)

  1. Summer Extension Service Program
  2. Physical Fitness Training

BidaHero (Programs for the Community & Poverty Alleviation)

  1. Drug Abuse Control and Prevention Campaign
  2. Entrepreneur Program
  3. Feeding and Gift Giving Program
  4. Distribution of Free Supplemental Household Cleaning Supplies
  5. Blood Letting Program

BidaSavior (Programs for the Environment)

  1. Clean and Green Program
  2. Tree Planting Activity
  3. Trashcans and Bins Donation
  4. Coastal Clean Up