Here at PNTC Colleges-Maritime Training Center, we use the outcomes-based education approach for it has effectively helped students reach their highest potentials. The quality of education and effectiveness of teaching processes have been considerably measured by the performance of the students. Thus, this approach could determine on what way we could best achieve the standards for excellence. We have mastered molding each student to become the person they have always aspired to be.

Through this approach, we set goals and we strategize on how to get there in the most effective and efficient way possible. We invest on facilities and mentors that could help us achieve these goals. We use certain tactics that stimulate interests and result effective learning. This includes instilling essential values and principles that constitute desirable attitude and mindset. These drive the students to become the ideals of the society. We firmly believe that results define the process being done. Rest assured that the students’ future is steered towards the right direction.