Aside from quality maritime education and training, a successful mariner is also a product of academic preparedness and utmost discipline. In many instances, the extent of an individual’s discipline is considered as one of the most important measurements in the selection for employment of the shipping companies and manning agencies, and for other institutions in general.

PNTC Colleges recognizes and addresses this need to develop the highest potential in each student through its unique brand of discipline, the PNTC Regimental System. Under this implementation, the maritime midshipmen and midshipwomen are mandated to abide by a proper decorum and a Merit-Demerit system as governed by the Office of the Dean of Discipline and Corps of Midshipmen.

As a flagship program for Regimental training and discipline, the Merchant Marine Regimental Program (MMRP) was created to develop the Maritime Midshipmen and Midshipwomen into the image of quality and competent Merchant Marine Officers by adopting and maintaining a culture that strictly enforces discipline, self-governing attitude, and leadership in order to meet the seafarers’ standard in the global maritime industries.