PNTC Colleges’ Structured Shipboard Training Program (SSTP) aims to open a wealth of opportunities for maritime students by developing their leadership skills and technical competencies in a systematic manner. Having a dedicated training vessel allows our students to serve onboard a passenger vessel under such program, and ensures that they fulfill the required length of seagoing service for graduation without delay.

Vessel Specifications

MV Aman Sinaya Vessel Specifications

Behind the Name: Who is Aman Sinaya?

Long ago, before Malakas and Maganda appeared as the first humans, only the gods Bathala, Aman Sinaya, and Amihan existed. Fueled by rivalry, Aman Sinaya, the Goddess of the Sea, and Bathala, the God of the Sky, commanded their respective elements against each other in numerous battles for supremacy.

During another one of their duels, Aman Sinaya called forth her storms to wreak havoc in the skies. Bathala, in retaliation, hurled boulders at the seas. Caught between the two raging forces, Amihan the North Wind resolved to end their quarrels by bringing the skies and the seas together. Amihan transformed into a bird, and flew until the two gods’ domains were drawn close enough to meet.

Thanks for Amihan’s intervention, Bathala and Aman Sinaya finally made peace, and the boulders now known as the Philippine islands became an unwitting memorial of their final battle.

When humanity came to be, fisherfolk invoked her for protection during voyages, and offered her their first catch in reverence. Today, we see remnants of this belief in the Filipino word pasinaya (meaning “debut” or “inauguration”) that evolved from pa-Sinaya (“for Sinaya”).