The Guidance Office provides and maintains the following services and processes:


  • Counseling services


  • Testing services


  • Individual Inventory – The Student Personal Data composed of the basic and important information about the student. Please prepare one (1) 2×2 picture for this form.


  • Special Exam – Incase the student failed to take his/her examinations on the specified schedule due to valid reasons, he/she may take the special examinations (with a corresponding charge); subject to the approval of the professor/instructor and the Guidance Office.


  • Academic Achievers – Students who acquired a grade of 92 and up for the term will be qualified to be in the list of Academic Achievers which will be posted in the Guidance bulletin board at the end of each term.


  • Academic Status


  • Retention Policies – Student should pass at least 50% of all the subjects enrolled in a semester and maintain a general weighted average of 75%. Students failing more than this number shall be placed on probation.


As a rule, the student or his/her parents/guardian must inform the Guidance Office prior or during any case of absence or failure of the student to attend his/her classes. In effect, the Guidance Counselor will issue a notice to the professors and instructors advising them about the absence of the student and the valid reason/s.: