The college shall welcome all students interested in the pursuit of learning regardless of race, creed, religion and personal circumstances. A student is considered officially enrolled for the semester if he/she has satisfied all admission requirements and has paid his tuition fees either partially or in full. All students must accomplish the Semestral Clearance at the end of every semester.


Students can withdraw his/her credentials and cancel his/her enrolment within one week after his/her enrolment in the college. However, after two weeks of enrolment, a student cannot anymore withdraw his/her credentials. Instead he is advised to apply for a Transfer Credentials at the Registrar’s Office.


The student’s I.D. card application is done during the first week of classes and the new I.D. cards are released on a scheduled date by the Registration department. For lost I.D. cards, the student must submit an Affidavit of Loss, pay the cost of I.D. at the Cashier’s Office, present the receipt of payment of the new card to the official photographer of the school, and get the ID Card on the scheduled date of release.


The students are allowed to drop/add subjects ONLY within two (2) weeks from the start of classes, and this is done by accomplishing and processing the Load Revision Form, subject to the approval of the College Registrar under valid reasons which include:

  • Changing of Subjects/Changing of Schedules

  • Dissolved Subjects

  • Used Subjects


As needed, student/s may be allowed to Petition for Tutorial Class provided that he/she is a graduating student, and the subject will not be offered as a regular class because of the changes or revisions in the curriculum. The student must first pay the reservation fee at the cashier’s office before he/she will be allowed to sign in the Subject Petition Request. The Accounting Office shall determine the fees to be paid by the student.


To maintain the orderliness and quality of services provided by the Registration department, All students are advised to process their transactions at the Registrar’s Office within the specified date/s and time.