PNTC Colleges provides assistance to our BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering students during their fourth year cadetship/apprenticeship wherein they are required to complete a 12-month shipboard training on-board a vessel that is not less than 500 gross tons.


PNTC Colleges, through its dedicated Shipboard Training Office, its widely-recognized PNTC Colleges – Maritime Training Center and its affiliations with several international and local shipping agencies, ensures that the students will be equipped with the necessary trainings, certifications, requirements, and recommendations that they need to succeed in the maritime industry.


The Shipboard Training Office facilitates in the application and issuance of the students’ Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB) and also assists in the student’s cadetship applications, screenings, examinations and interviews.


The PNTC Maritime Training Center readily provides basic and specialized maritime training courses to students pursuant to IMO-STCW Convention, and as required by the shipping and manning agencies for their apprenticeship programs.


The Merchant Marine Regimental Program (MMRP) is also implemented to develop the midshipmen and midshipwomen in all aspects of training in order to meet the seafarer’s standards in the global maritime industries. The MMRP includes: Leadership Training; Teambuilding, Character and Personality Development; Physical Fitness Training; Seafarer’s Life Familiarization; Academic Enhancement and Review; Basic Safety Training; and Full Mission Bridge and Engine Room Simulator training courses.


For those who have already completed their maritime academic requirements, the following guidelines are implemented by the Shipboard Training Office before going on-board for cadetship: